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Food Tours in Charlottesville, VA

COVID-19 TOUR POLICIES: Once our tours re-open, we will follow strict protocol to ensure the safety of our all tour guests. Masks will need to be needed at all times, except during tastings. Please bring your own mask. You will need hand sanitizer before and after tastings and used throughout the tours. More details to come. Thank you!


The culinary history and diversity of Charlottesville is something we are deeply passionate about. We truly love what we do and have the most fun planning these tours for others to get to experience the true beauty that is the food of Charlottesville, VA. We have two main tours that we operate as well as private tours. Learn more about each tour by reading below. If you still have more questions, feel free to reach out and we would be more than happy to help.

All drinks & tastings are already included in the price of the tickets.

A new kind of adventure activity, enjoy a unique way to sample some of the best restaurants Charlottesville has to offer. Enjoy a worry-free afternoon of mouthwatering, delicious tastings while visiting historic downtown in an intimate group setting with a variety of food and enough to fill you up. How can you beat this?